The Founder's Vision

As the Founder of BoostEdu,
I believe that New Brunswick has amazing people, amazing talent and is simply amazing. BoostEdu is being designed and developed to help and support this great province. COVID has brought a great deal of stress and heartache to the world and New Brunswick is no different. This stress can be felt in every industry and seen in every face.
The public educational system is no different and may even be one of the harder hit areas. Our amazing Teachers/Support Specialists/EAs/Administration are suffering under the current situation.

As amazing as the provinces frontline educational staff are, they are simply being overrun. They are asked to do too much with too little. Historically New Brunswick has not done well in many areas when compared to other provinces. This will not change, and likely become more apparent with the aftermath of COVID. BoostEdu is here to help, in short, we are looking to support those frontline staff and the parents of the students that need/want that extra boost to get to their goals. In the process hopefully we can relieve some of that stress.

BoostEdu is the way of the future, the days of 30 students stuffed in a class with one overworked/under paid teacher has been outdated for decades.
We are bringing the future of Education to NB NOW!

Kenneth Gunn
Founder/Director of Operations