Session Details

  • These sessions are designed to be highly interactive and specialized to the requirements of those individuals attending the sessions regardless of the size of the session.
  • All sessions are scheduled and priced per hour. Any and all preparation needed for sessions, by either the Educational Specialist or the Student, will be completed prior to the session to maximize instructional time.
  • If longer sessions are requested, these would be on a per request basis and would depend on ES availability.

  • Larger Sessions will only be available if demand requires it.

    One on One

    $55 / session

    • Highly Individualized
    • Completely Interactive
    • Designed to target current academic requirements.

    2-5 Students

    $40 / session

    • Designed to pair students that are requiring support in the same academic areas.
    • Interactive, designed to encourage student interaction and group participation.

    6-12 Students

    $30 / session

    • Sessions are designed to simulate classroom setting.
    • Highly interactive
    • All students will be looking for support in the same academic area.

    Live Exam/Test Prep

    $55 / session

    • Test/Exam Provided, completed, submitted.
    • Session designed to cover those areas individual requires support.